Her Services

Each of the pieces described below fits into one of the categories comprising the Integrative Counsel model above. Tasks and work product associated with these includes but is not limited to the following –

  • Review of entity structure to maximize company goals and assist in the development of business and deal strategy, advising management regarding jurisdiction-specific risks and rewards.
  • “Conscious” Contracting – Drafting and facilitating the negotiations of contracts, both outward-facing with supply chain partners or ancillary service providers, and internally between owners, potential investors or strategic partners and staff.
  • Managing preparation and providing ongoing monitoring of the organization’s ethics framework, identifying and addressing ethics and compliance related tasks in order to strengthen risk mitigation and promote the mission, vision and values of the organization. 
  • Issue spotting in terms of taxation and insurance issues, as well as trademark, patent and other intellectual property protections as comports with strategic goals, valuation objectives and timelines for the organization.
  • Facilitating consensus-building related to corporate governance, entailing the drafting of board and shareholder resolutions and consents, and facilitating communications within the context of directors meetings, shareholder meetings, etc.
  • Serving as an on-hand resource for assessing and at times commenting on changing regulations, laws, and industry standards.
  • Preparing or directing the preparation of written materials reflecting the organization’s viewpoints and objectives for use in appearances before the press, legislative bodies, and prospective funders and strategic partners.